LaceyCellars Fine Wines Spirits and Beers since 1964

About Lacey Cellars


Lacey Cellars' name was coined pre-2000. A name promoting our focus in the Beverage Alcohol industry of  Ontario.

Martin Lacey Agencies Ltd. is the legal registered Canadian Corporation since 1973 which runs and operates Lacey Cellars. 

The Lacey family's involvment in the Beverage Alcohol industy began in 1964 and continues to do so today.

Our focus with respect to offerings to the monopoly buyers are:


Our Focus with respect to supplier's offerings and achieving the best return on investment. 

  • Provide detailed offerings highlighting key accolades
  • Optimizing offer price to include possible incidentals
  • Certifying proper packaging standards required by the monopoly.

Our site is in currently under development... for more information and road map, please click here.

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