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Sending Samples To Ontario

For the submission and pre-submission processes, the LCBO require detailed information about your product(s). This information is also necessary to properly get your products through Canada Customs. The LCBO also have a department that reviews all alcohol based products when entering the Ontario market for any reason whatsoever, including LCBO department evaluation and laboratory analysis.

What is Required for Sending to Ontario?
  1.  Submission Template (ST)
    -We have designed the ST as a tool for all types of products.
    -This information is used so we have all information necessary in completing the necessary LCBO online submission system.
    -The ST is also used as a QUOTE sheet for sending samples to Canada.
    -You may download a fresh copy to your computer via th is link.

    -A ST must be produced for every product being submitted and/or for samples sent to Ontario. Once complete, you can send back to us for review and data entry for submission.

    When sending samples, the ST must be placed on your letterhead and signed.

  2. Canada Customs Form (CC)
    - By law, any products coming to Canada must have a complete CC Form.
    - You may enter all products being shipped on one CC form.
    - CC Form is only necessary when shipping the physical product.
    - This form was designed by the Government of Canada.
    - You may download an editable PDF form via this link:
  3. Proforma Invoice + Misc
    - You may send also your standard invoices, etc…
NOTE: For 1,2,3 all quotes must be equal to the actual quote you would sell to the LCBO. YOU CAN NOT simply assign a nominal amount to save on duties, etc, otherwise the product(s) will be stopped and questioned by Canada Customs and/or LCBO Customs Approval Department.
NOTE: NEVER use standard post. Always use a tracking carrier such as DHL, FEDEX, ...
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4. Once Samples are Sent:
Once samples are sent, please forward via fax and/or email ST(s), CC and Tracking Web Site with Tracking Information in the event that the samples are halted in Customs and/or LCBO Quote Approval Department.

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