LCBO NISS Price/Pack

Example of data required for the Regular/General List.

And for Vintages…

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LCBO NISS Product Page

Here is a wine submission example. The Product Page (4 parts) is required for LCBO’s general (regular) list.

The Product Page (wine example) for Vintages (3 parts),  requires slightly less data.

Our SQT (Submission/Quote Template) takes care of what we need.

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LCBO NISS (New Item Submission System)

The LCBO’s New Item Submission System (aka NISS), is a collaborative site available to the LCBO management, the  Supplier and Agent. 

Site Objectives:

  • LCBO Categories and Divisions such as (Wines, Spirits, Beers, Vintages, …) publish their need requirements which includes desired landed retail pricing, pre-submission and submission deadlines, etc… Currently there are no costs associated with pre-submissions or offerings, however, some requirements are necessary, such as a strong track record in other markets, key accolades, a market support program, etc…
  • A supplier can offer their products on the NISS site via an agent such as Lacey’s.  
  • If a product is accepted to proceed, the site is also used to formulate a contract between the LCBO and the supplier on the products pricing, product packaging requirements, terms of payment, etc…

For the pre-submission process, there are three key pages we need to populate in for a pre-submission to be accepted. Our Submission/Quote Template (SQT) covers most required information, however, images of packaging and/or labels can be uploaded for the buyers to assess.

  1. Supplier Information Page (LCBO Vendor #, Address, email…)
  2. Product Profile Page (Category, varietal, accolades…)
    -This area also includes an area to upload images of labels/packaging, etc…
  3. Product Details (Pricing, Pallet Configuration, Product Weight, Case Dimensions, etc…)
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SQT (Submission/Quote Template)

Submission/Quote Template (SQT)

Our Submission Template (SQT) attempts to cover all information needs, as well as Federal custom information needs in the event samples are requested or private orders are made.

Our current SQT can be found  HERE  in a Microsoft Office Document format (DOC)  which can be then emailed directly to us once filled.


  • For sending samples/private orders, the SQT must be signed and preferably on letterhead.
  • For Pre-Submissions, the  SQT does not require letterhead nor signature and is used for informational purposes only.
  • The SQT is used to populate the LCBO’s New Item Submission System (NISS)
  • If you are unsure of your projected landed retail at the consumer level, including all necessary budgets on top of your net pricing, contact us.


LCBO’s most recognized accolades:

AGAnthony Gismondi
& Stuart Tobe
on wine
AWCHalliday Magazine
BHAllen Meadows'
IWC International Wine Cellar
RPWine Advocate
Robert Parker
VMAntonio Galloni’s Vinous
W&SWine and Spirits
WBJim Murray's
Whisky Bible
WESWine State
OTHERSome outside syndicates do offer some influence...
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